America currently imports over 10 million barrels of oil per day.

That’s $640 million that leaves the US economy on a daily basis.

Ziyen Energy targets to become a leader in the US Domestic Energy Market by;

  • Increasing domestic oil production to meet US demand
  • Implementing new technologies to significantly reduce US oil production costs
  • Partner with local companies to ensure money stays in the local economy
  • Cutting emissions through innovation

In June 2017, Ziyen Energy secured our first oil contract, and now have 11 oil assets and reserves of over $70 million.

Ziyen Energy, a Scottish American Company, focused on delivering energy independence for the USA.


Become a leader in the US domestic energy market by:

  • Increasing domestic oil production to meet US demand
  • Developing renewable energy projects to reduce both US oil production costs and oil dependency
  • Partnering with local companies to ensure money stays in the local economy
  • Stimulating US economic growth by keeping domestic oil money in America
  • Creating thousands of jobs and providing key training
  • Speeding up the transition to renewables over time while cutting emissions through innovation
  • Using renewable project tax credits to offset oil revenue taxes

A Scottish-American company focused on bringing business back to the US



Size of market company operates in (global oil)


Value of oil per day shipped in from outside US for US consumption


Amount of oil US requires from overseas to sustain


Ziyen proprietary program that substantially reduces domestic production costs

Thousands / millions

Jobs and dollars that will re-enter the US economy


Of domestic oil leases not being utilized to capacity

The United States is beyond capable of oil self sustainment, yet big oil is exclusively profit-focused


Barrels of oil per day imported into the US


Potential daily investment missed out of for the US economy


Oil dollars to stay in the US economy rather than go to Canada, Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries


Annual taxes big oil avoids to import oil to the US rather than produce it here


Potential US oil production being utilized today


Virtually all have oil at the foundation of the conflict

Substantial economic stimulation, jobs, and independence are within immediate reach


Barrels of oil produced in the Illinois basin; ~50% of capacity

$65 ↑

Price per barrel of oil; anticipated to increase due to growing global demand


Markets like the Illinois basin that are underutilized due to big oil seeking oil from abroad


Cost to produce a barrel of oil in the US


Cost to produce a barrel of oil I Saudi Arabia; focus geography of big oil to maximize profits


Cost for Ziyen to produce a barrel of oil, given scale and technology; plenty of profit


Investing In Ziyen

Investment Opportunity

  • Pricing for Ziyen’s Second Round of Funding at $1.50 per share.
  • The minimum investment is $525
  • Investment transactions are completed via Bank Transfer or personal check

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Our success has seen Ziyen Inc. appear Six times on the NASDAQ Board, Times Square, New York, in the last year.

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