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Ziyen Energy: Tokenizing Energy Assets Using Permission-Based Blockchain Technology 

Ziyen Energy and its partners are leading blockchain software and digitization experts leading the field in emerging technologies related to oil and energy tokenization

What We Do

Ziyen Energy and its partners will launch a Digital Trading Platform called ZYEN which will provide a basis for tokenizing productive energy assets using permission-based blockchain technology. Ziyen Energy currently owns interests in oil assets in Texas and the Illinois Basin. The equity of Ziyen Energy has been tokenized and issued as ZIyenCoin which is offered for sale as a security token pursuant to SEC Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. 

Business Information

Ziyen was founded as a software company providing cutting edge procurement and supply chain software to provide clients with industry specific government and private contracts. 


The first ZiyenCoin was minted on 24th July 2019 and deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. ZiyenCoins can be held in any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 cryptocurrency tokens. 

Ziyen Energy Oil Operations

Ziyen Energy currently owns interest in oil assets based in Texas and Illinois Basin.

ZYEN Digital Energy Trading Platform 

Ziyen Energy Enters Into Joint Venture With Leading Blockchain, Software and Seasoned Electronic Trading Market Specialists to Build ZYEN: The First Energy Production Asset Blockchain Tokenization and Trading Platform

Our Partners 

Key partners are Oilsphere and PetroVisor-Open Integration Platform which was developed for the digital transformation and analysis of upstream oil and gas projects using integrated machine learning and artificial intelligence; and Intain, one of the world’s leading blockchain and AI technology companies utilizing evidence and research based technology to build intelligent blockchain applications.

The ZYEN Digital Trading Platform, to be launched in 2020.

It will provide a platform for tokenizing productive energy assets using permission-based blockchain technology, creating a liquid market for previously illiquid assets.

"We have been working diligently to get to this stage and are proud to announce that ZiyenCoin is minted. We could not be happier with the excellent service Polymath has provided Ziyen. They have allowed us to capture all the rules related to tokenizing and democratizing a security while staying compliant."

– Alastair Caithness, Ziyen Energy CEO

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