Ready to Invest in ZiyenCoin?


In this early round of funding ZiyenCoins cost $0.01 with a minimum investment of $1000 for 100,000 ZiyenCoins

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment for ZiyenCoin?

The minimum investment is $1,000. You can pay for your ZiyenCoin via bank transfer or check (U.S. only).

How Can See My ZiyenCoin?

You can see your ZiyenCoin on the Ethereum Blockchain once you set up your MetaMask wallet. 

Can I speak to someone about my investment?

Please email for any shareholder or investor queries. 

Can I start a Subscription Agreement and Finish it Later?

Yes, you DocuSign will send you a reminder if you have not completed the Subscription Agreement. 

Where Can I Learn More About ZiyenCoin

Please visit our Media page for all of the latest news for ZiyenCoin

Can I buy more ZiyenCoin if I have already bought Ziyen Energy Shares?

Yes, you can purchase ZiyenCoin, and will need to fill out a new Subscription Agreement (links above) depending on whether you are based in the U.S. or abroad. 

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