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Investing in ZiyenCoin is Simple

ZiyenCoin FAQ

How much is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment amount for Ziyen Inc. is $600.

What is the price per share?

You currently can’t invest in Ziyen Inc. under Regulation A+.

Please contact for a copy of the latest Executive Presentation.

Investment Opportunity in Ziyen Inc. will open up shortly again once the company’s Regulation 1-A Pos.

Can I invest?
Yes, anyone can invest. In a departure from previous investment rules, the SEC now permits Regulation A (also called Reg A+) offerings to take on investors who are unaccredited as well as accredited investors.


An accredited investor is an individual who has a net worth in excess of $1MM (excluding his or her primary residence) or has had annual income in excess of $200,000 ($300,000 if joint income) for the past two years and reasonably expects that to continue.

If you are a non-accredited investor, you may invest but will be limited to investing no more than the greater of 10% of your net worth or 10% of your annual income.

What is Regulation A+?
Looking to encourage small-business growth, in 2012 Congress passed the Jumpstart Our Business (JOBS) Act, a law intended to support small- business growth and employment by lowering regulatory hurdles for companies trying to go public and allowing firms to have more private shareholders.

Established in 2015, Reg A+ of Title IV of the JOBS Act is a type of offering which allows private companies to raise up to $50 Million from the public. Like an IPO, Reg A+ allows companies to offer shares to the general public and not just accredited investors.

Do I have to invest a specific amount?
No, you may invest any amount as long as you meet the minimum investment amount of $525 AND, if you are a non-accredited investor, the amount you invest does not exceed the greater of 10% of your net worth or 10% of your annual income.
Where can I get the full financial details on the offering?
Please refer to the Offering Circular for information on the offering.
Can I invest by writing a check?
Yes, we accept checks from the USA only, or you can make payment by bank transfer, please contact us and we can provide our bank details.
Review the Subscription Agreement
The securities offered hereby are highly speculative. Investing in shares of Ziyen Inc. involves significant risks. This investment is suitable only for persons who can afford to lose their entire investment. Furthermore, investors must understand that such investment could be illiquid for an indefinite period of time. No public market currently exists for the securities, and if a public market develops following this offering, it may not continue.
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Can I cancel my investment?
No. You cannot cancel your investment. But if you made a mistake, you will only have a 4-business hour window to contact our customer service via e-mail or by phone number to correct your submission.
Subscription Agreement
To complete the Subscription Agreement, you will need to have the following information readily available:

Your contact information

Your name, address and telephone number

Your email address

Your tax ID

If you live in the U.S., this is your Social Security Number

If you are a company, this is your EIN

If you live outside the U.S., this is your National Insurance Number

Your investment information

This is the amount you will be investing and the number of shares to be purchased.  (Ex: at $1.50 a share, a $525 dollar investment will purchase 350 shares)

Co-Investor Information (this is not common)

If you plan to invest jointly with another person, the same information above will be needed for that individual as well.

What confirmation or documentation will I receive for my investment?

Investors will receive a confirmation of their investment and a subscription agreement that has been accepted by Ziyen Inc. via email.

Investment Opportunity
  • Pricing for Ziyen’s Second Round of Funding at $1.50 per share .
  • The minimum investment is $525
  • Investment transactions are completed via personal check or Bank Transfer
Purchasing Shares
Account Services will contact you with payment instructions. Shares may be purchased with a check or bank/wire transfer.


IMPORTANT!  If you elect to pay for your shares via bank/wire transfer, please ensure that any transfer fees are calculated and included on top of your share purchase price.  If not, Ziyen will be required to deduct the fees from your share purchase payment, and the number of shares you receive will be reduced accordingly.