Current Operations

Ziyen Energy have acquired 13 Oil Assets in the last 10 months in the Illinois Basin

The Illinois Basin covers 59,000 square miles in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.

Since the initial discovery of oil in the basin in 1886, approximately 4 billion barrels of oil and 4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas have been produced in the basin

1st Oil Asset June 2017

Reserve Report indicates 62,265 bbl of proven oil reserves and 715,000 bbl of probable oil reserves.

More than US$30 Million

Geological and petroleum report shows undeveloped oil reserves on Ziyen Energy first lease

13 Oil Assets

The amount of Oil Assets Ziyen Energy has in the Illinois Basin


Barrels of oil produced in the Illinois basin; Less than 50% of capacity

$65 ↑

Price per barrel of oil; anticipated to increase due to growing global demand

Less than $20

Cost for Ziyen to produce a barrel of oil, given scale and technology; plenty of profit

Overview of Ziyen Energy’s operations in the Illinois Basin


In order for the US to be 100% Energy Independent, then all the energy consumed in America needs to be produced in America.

The United States is beyond capable of oil self sustainment yet big oil is exclusively profit focused.

  • The US currently imports 10.1 million barrels of oil per day.
  • $640 million that leaves the US Economy on a daily basis.
  • $238 billion untaxed oil dollars go to Canada, Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries rather that stay in the US.

The country is in need of a company to rapidly accelerate US oil production to drive economic stimulation and independence.

Alastair Caithness, CEO discuss the benefits for Big Oil operating in the Middle East compared to the US

David Rogers, VP discusses why US produced oil is profitable


The common mistake made is that oil produced in America is not competitive compared to oil production in the Middle East.

However, what is profitable for an ExxonMobil is different to what is profitable for Ziyen Energy.

Ziyen Energy will utilize renewable technology to drive down the production cost.

Each production site acquired will leverage the proprietary “Ziyen Advantage” program

  • An environmental solution to oil production
  • Renewable energy will power well system and generate power back to the grid (new inverter technology)
    • Substantially lower costs (22% energy savings)


Ziyen has proven there is room and opportunity for a profitable US focused oil company.

  • Executed 13 oil assets with value in excess of $100 million in oil reserves in the Illinois Basin alone
  • Pipeline of 20 leases with value in excess of $250 million in oil reserves
    • On target of $500 million in oil reserves in 18 month
  • Launched a differentiated and proprietary technology and personnel program that substantially reduces the cost of domestic oil production
    • Enables domestic competitivenes
    • Rapidly accelerate production

Mingus Johnston, Brand Development, advert on US self-sufficiency

Shane Fraser, Oil Intelligence Director, collect oil sample from Ross Lease


The Illinois Basin covers 59,000 square miles and covers the States of Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

Ziyen Energy have currently acquired 5 oil assets in the Basin, and will actively and aggressively acquire further oil leases and enable rapid and cost effective production.

First Oil Asset – Ross Lease, Indiana

Mineral rights to an Indiana oil field were acquired in June 2017.

Geological reports compiled by Adena Resources LLC indicate 62,265 bbl (barrels) of proven oil reserves and 715,000 bbl of probable oil reserves. Undeveloped reserves on this site are over US$30 million.

Oil and Gas Reserve Evaluation Report – Filed at the SEC

Compositional Analysis to test quality of oil – Filed at the SEC

Second Oil Asset – Potts Lease, Illinois Basin

Mineral rights to a second, production ready field were acquired in December 2017.  The new lease is comprised of four producing oil wells and one injection well, all with associated oil production equipment.

Third Oil Asset – Big Bill Lease, Illinois Basin

Following a full geological and seismic surveys are performed on the land, the Ziyen technical team will proceed with securing relevant permits with plans for commencing full oil production 2018.

Fourth and Fifth Oil Assets – Acquired the Minerals as a long-term asset for Ziyen

Ziyen have acquired the mineral rights to an additional two oil fields in the Illinois basin. The most recent acquisitions total 260 acres, one which is 140 acres and another 120 acres, respectively.

This time Ziyen Inc. have acquired the mineral rights, including the oil, gas and coal, which provides an excellent long-term asset for the company.

Shane Fraser, outside the Perry County Government Building after securing our 4th and 5th oil assets

Ziyen Energy appoint Project Management and Technical Specialist Team


Ziyen appoint Andy Stephen and Maurice Wright to lead the technical and project team for the Illinois Basin. They have a combined experience of more than 50 years working in the global oil and gas industry, previously having worked with Dutch Royal Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, Total, and various medium sized oil and gas companies.

Our strategy at Ziyen Energy is to work with local companies who have been operating in the Illinois Basin but we intend to bring in new technology to improve efficiency and drive down production costs in order to make the marginal fields and US produced oil highly profitable.

Ziyen Energy file their first technical report outlining the new technology we are going to implement to drive down the production cost in the Illinois Basin

Technical Evaluation Appraisal Report for the Illinois Basin – Filed at the SEC

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