Ziyen Energy

a Scottish-American Energy Company bringing business back to the USA

Ziyen Energy is a Scottish-American Company, focused on bringing business back to the US.
In the 1970s and 1980s, Scotland invited the US to come over with their technology and expertise to enable development of oilfields in the North Sea. Over the past 30 years the technology we have developed in Scotland for enhanced oil recovery techniques is now the leading in the world, and we are bringing that technology back to the US in order to make expensive or redundant oil fields profitable again.
We at Ziyen energy will use unparalleled Scottish technology to develop old and marginal oil fields to add significant value.
It’s all about clean and cost effective methods to extract oil from existing fields, as well as developing new wells using the latest technology.

In June 2017, Ziyen Energy secured the company’s first contract of over $36 million dollars of oil reserves in Indiana, United States. Please refer to the lease agreement filed in the Gibson County Courthouse

Exhibit A – Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease to Ziyen Inc.

The deal includes 7 existing oil producing wells worth over $6 million dollars of proven reserves along with a support water Injection well and a water producing well for injection purposes with a further potential for 20 new oil producers on undeveloped reserves on the site worth over $30 million.

Full details of the Petroleum Reserves are available in the report by K & M Oil.  Please refer to;

Exhibit B – Reserve Evaluation Report

All figures calculated at the oil price on the 27th of June of $43 per barrel of oil.

Ziyen Energy’s approach

Shane Fraser discusses the benefits of low impact, horizontal drilling as compared to traditional Vertical drilling for Ziyen Energy’s new oil lease.

"America no longer needs foreign oil"

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Ziyen Inc.
1623 Central Avenue, Ste 201
Cheyenne, WY 82001