Ziyen Energy


a Scottish-American Energy Company bringing business back to the USA



Ziyen Energy was launched in 2017, and in our first year have won two contracts in Indiana, USA.

With an aggressive growth strategy in place, we plan to acquire over $500 million worth of oil reserves across multiple assets in 2018.

Rather than remain a software company providing information on oil contracts, or an oil company which goes after oil contracts, Ziyen has decided to move into the unique position to become both.


Other key company operational goals:

  • Deliver optimum operational excellence and safety standards.
  • Produce and sell oil within the U.S.
  • Expand oil holdings in the U.S. by acquiring additional oil leases, creating a portfolio of oil assets.
  • Innovation and safety is a central theme to all oil production projects
  • Deliver projects guided by the most strict sustainability policies.
  • Maintain low operational overhead for financial resilience.
  • Establish Ziyen Energy as the fastest growing domestic operator in the U.S.

David Rogers, VP discusses returning wells to service

Alastair Caithness, CEO discuss pivoting the company to Energy


First Contract Award- Ross Lease, Indiana

Mineral rights to an Indiana oil field were acquired in June 2017.

Geological reports compiled by Adena Resources LLC indicate 62,265 bbl (barrels) of proven oil reserves and 715,000 bbl of probable oil reserves. Undeveloped reserves on this site are over US$30 million. Compositional Analysis carried out and oil is optimal for immediate extraction.

Oil Sample –  Compositional Analysis

Review in progress by our land team in Indiana to assess production readiness requirements.

Second Contract Win – Potts Lease, Illinois Basin

Mineral rights to a second, production ready field were acquired in December 2017.

The new lease is comprised of four producing oil wells and one injection well, all with associated oil production equipment. 

Third Contract Win – Big Bill Lease, Illinois Basin

Following a full geological and seismic surveys are performed on the land, the Ziyen technical team will proceed with securing relevant permits with plans for commencing full oil production 2018.

Energy Production and Sustainable Innovation

With 20+ years of expert industry experience managing some of the world’s largest oil projects, oil engineer and Director of Ziyen’s Energy Division, Shane Fraser discusses the latest extraction methods involving horizontal drilling developed in Scotland for deep-water drilling in the North Sea and now used by nearly all major oil and gas operators across the globe. Ziyen Energy will use horizontal drilling to extract oil from marginal oil fields in the U.S. to allow for quicker, more sustainable and profitable oil production.

Ziyen Energy’s mission is to focus on cleaner, more efficient oil extraction methods from already existing oil wells whilst also developing new wells with minimal environmental impact and high profitability.

"Technical Introduction to Drilling"

Registered Office:

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