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ZiyenCoin - Targeting to be the first oil & gas Security Token Offering (STO)

ZiyenCoin targets to be the first Oil & Energy Security Token Offering (STO)

ZiyenCoin is targeted to be the first dedicated oil & gas Security Token Offering (STO) to be regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), creating a fully traceable and instantaneous movement of cash.

The initially offering will be filed under the Reg D Offering 506c.

This revolution of the ZiyenCoin will have the ability to push down the price of oil production by removing volatilities and finance changes at every step of the way. STOs have the potential to fully reinvent and redefine today’s system, as well as capture anywhere from 3-5% cost savings in transaction costs alone.

ZiyenCoin Official Launch at Blockchain Oil and Gas Summit on March 7th

On March 7th 2019 Ziyen Inc. is going to officially launch ZiyenCoin, which aims to be the first oil & gas Security Token Offering (STO) at the number one Blockchain Oil and Gas Summit in the world.

Ziyen Inc CEO, will be speaking at the event in #Houston, Texas as has the privilege to speak alongside Fortune 500 executives who are leading the global shift to Blockchain Technology for enterprise transformation in the oil and energy business.

Click here to learn more about the Blockchain Oil and Gas Summit on March 7th

  • Presentation – Beyond Bitcoin – Game Changing Cost Savings through Security Token Offering (STO)


  • CHAIR – Dr. Claudio Lima, Ph.D, Blockchain Engineering Council Co-founder
  • Ziyen Inc. – Alastair Caithness, CEO
  • BP – Balaji Ramakrishnan, Director Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Chevron – Raquel B Clement, Global Operations and Maintenance Manager
  • ExxonMobil – Ken Ebest, Application Architect
  • Halliburton – Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, MBA, Ph.D, Chief Data Scientist
  • Department of US Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection – Vincent Annunziato, Director, Business Transformation & Innovation
  • Halliburton – Dr. Robello Samuel, Chief Technical Advisor and Technology Fellow
  • Weatherford – Melissa Bohannon, Director of Trade Compliance
  • Breakthrough Fuel – Jeff Lang, Vice President Digital Transformation
  • Proline Energy Resources Inc. – Vikrant Lakhanpal, Petroleum Engineer

Advantages of Bitcoin as a digital currency

  • No taxation
  • No interruption due to govt. / bank shutdowns
  • Open 24/7/365; No wait periods
  • Privacy: Peer to peer; no middle man; no prying eyes
  • Decentralized
  • Cannot be artificially inflated or deflated by governments. or government collapse / dysfunction

Additional advantages of ZiyenCoin over Bitcoin?

  • Benchmarked to a world-recognized commodity: OIL and ENERGY
  • Widespread adoption by industry leaders
  • The major difference between Bitcoin and ZiyenCoin is that ZiyenCoin is benchmarked against a commodity, oil and energy; and ZiyenCoin is targeted to be qualified and approved by the SEC.
  • ZiyenCoin is designed to have all the favorable characteristics and impressive investment growth opportunity of a modern cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin; but unlike Bitcoin, which is not widely adopted because it is not benchmarked against a widely recognized commodity and which is not regulated, ZiyenCoin will enjoy the advantages of widespread adoption by being the first regulated oil and energy benchmarked cryptocurrency.


  • The structure of the company follows exactly the same format as the SEC require for STO’s
  • The SEC are using Regulation D, S for initial STO launch to accredited investors, but Regulation A, will be the first approved SEC regulated qualification to the open market.
  • Ziyen already has a successful track record with the SEC for qualification and approval of its Reg A Round 1 and Round 2 funding; Round 3 funding to launch in early February, 2019
  • Ziyen has been set up to be one of the most cutting edge oil and energy company’s in the world